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Donate Vacation Rental Home Use Through is a website where Vacation Rental Home Owners and Managers can post their willingness to donate and charitable causes can request vacation home use for their clients and staffs. charities can also resell or auction the dates and use the proceeds for good causes.

Charities are invited to apply for vacation rental home stay donations by contacting any of the Owners on the Angels list. property Managers and Owners are invited to offer their homes to good causes. This website posts the owners and charities who get together for the good of everyone.

Created by the Vacation Rental Industry Association ( the website allows property owners and managers to be recognized for the good work they do by posting them to the Angel Honor Roll. And property owners can display the Angel icon next to listings on their ads on listing websites. And on their personal websites.

The website is operated through VRIA's Vacation Rental Multiple Listing Service ( That makes it easy for members to enroll in the program. And easy for charities to review properties and make requests directly to the property owners.

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VRIA is a not-for-profit organization of vacation rental managers, owners and suppliers. It provides news, information, education, inspections and certification for homes and owners For more information on the Angel program please see, or call VRIA at 866-925-7083.

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