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Buying Vacation Rental Management Companies

Is it time to sell out, or sell up? Are you ready to retire, take life easier or just move on to something else?

The Vortex Organization is a Network of Vacation Rental Management companies and we are earnestly, actively buying existing Vacation Rental Management Companies anywhere in the US, Canada, Mexico or elsewhere. Our comprehensive capabilities allow us to absorb new operations swiftly and to assure their future growth and success.

Existing companies should have a minimum of 25 homes under management but we prefer those with 50 or more. We buy any any location or type of operation - ocean, lake, ski or suburban. Your staff can stay and growth with us. And so can you if you want to manage more and work less.

Not ready to sell? We may have some other growth options you'll like such as co-marketing, reselling and network cross selling. Easy to setup and quick to pay off. Our princpals have been in business a long time, have extensive lodging experience and bring a new and effective approach to building each and every market.

We can be cash buyers depending on your current status and your plans. To learn more just give us a call. We'll respond quickly and answer any questions you may have. Plus all conversations are strictly confidential. You have nothing to lose so let's talk.

Please call Ron Lee today.

Call: 866-925-5188 Email: For more detail: Mention Ad #0230